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Though at one point it seemed the wrist watch may be replaced as a timepiece by the cell phone, there still is nothing quite as functional and stylish as a watch. In fact, now many of the functions of a cell are being packaged for the wrist as makers recognize the convenience of the design.

However, a watch is more than its functions as it also makes a perfect style accessory for anyone, man or woman. Rather than spending a fortune on watches for every occasion, though, you can completely alter the look of the same watch simply by switching the watch band.

Clockwork Synergy Straps offer NATO watch strap choices that come in a myriad of styles and color combinations. It also can provide you with unique but affordable two-piece straps in leather, suede, and metals that will fit any size of wrist and any watch, including Apple watches.

The NATO watch strap is easy to change and owes its creation to the British Ministry of Defense, which began offering the band to its troops in 1973. Officially known as the G10, the NATO watch strap was made of nylon, was 20 millimeters wide, and came in any color you liked, as long as it was “Admiralty Grey.”

The style features a strap that passes through the watch spring bars and wraps behind it. An additional strap with a keeper is attached to the buckle of the main strap. When the main strap is passed through that keeper, it forms a pocket that will keep the watch in place. A major advantage of the G10 strap is that, should one of the spring bars come loose, the watch still will be attached by the intact bar.

G10 straps now are available in rubber for divers, fishermen, and swimmers, as well in a variety of colors in the nylon style. They are far from the only type of band that can be exchanged out to change the look of your watch, however. Two-part strap styles, though, will require the purchase of a relatively inexpensive tool to make changing straps a breeze.

For most watches, a spring bar tool will do the job. There are some watches, though, that could require a jeweler’s screwdriver to remove bars that are held in place by screws that fit into threaded holes drilled into the watch lugs. Regardless of the method, the point is to remove the spring bars, pass them through the ends of the new strap, and then replace the bars. With practice, your watch will become a versatile addition to your wardrobe.