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So, you’ve been given the honour of having been asked to be the groom’s best man but you have little (no) idea what to wear. A suit? Most definitely, but what kind of suit should you wear and is there anything else you need? It’s quite common, some would say traditional, for the groom’s best men to be wearing similar suits, just as the bridesmaids wear the same dresses.

This is fine if you’re not fashionably inclined and one of the other best men is arranging the suits for the big day, but what if you’re the one who’s been given the responsibility and you don’t know a tuxedo from a cummerbund and your idea of wedding attire is straight out of a trashy, long forgotten, 80’s movie?

It suffices to say that you’re going to need a bit of guidance and this short article is here to save the day with a bit of general advice for best men who’ve never been best men or attired in a suit in their lives.

Start with the suit

The suit is an excellent place to start, plus it could take longer to procure than the other items of clothing you’ll need if you’re having them tailored in person, which really isn’t necessary as you can get great tailored men’s suits for the fashionable man online for a great price. Don’t underestimate how many best men breathe a huge sigh of relief after discovering that handy little fact.

It once was traditional for the groom and his best man to select their suits together, however, this is not as common as it once was, especially now that many grooms select more than one best man. Nevertheless, it is a great look for all the best men to wear the same style and cut of suit so they look the part, so if there are a few best men, get together and select your suits at the same time, or pick yours and share the link with your mates!

Ties – They say a lot

Ties are an item of clothing that really say a lot about the man wearing them. For that reason, and the fact that you don’t want to stand out at the wedding for all the wrong reasons, it’s important to select attractive, matching ties for all the best men.

A plain black tie is a popular choice, but don’t be afraid to choose something a bit more colourful, after all, it is a celebration of couple’s love for each other, not a funeral!

And last but not least … the shoes

As a best man, you can’t get away with anything less than leather dress shoes. Your shoes don’t need to be black and, in fact, many men who wear blue or grey suits look much more stylish and fashionable wearing brown, especially tan, leather dress shoes to formal occasions.

There’s so much to consider when preparing your attire for a wedding, your mate’s biggest and perhaps most stressful day of his life, so do him a big favour and turn up looking your very best.