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If you’ve recently entered a new relationship, Christmas can be a bit of a minefield. You’re still getting to know one another, so choosing a gift can feel awkward. What if you get it wrong? What if you’re not sure about his likes and dislikes? You could ask him what he wants, but that spoils some of the romance and excitement. Thankfully, surveys have been done asking what guys like or loathe when they unwrap their pressies on Christmas morning. You might be surprised by what the results reveal.

It might be easier to focus on what to avoid buying your fella this Christmas:

Jewellery – So, diamonds might well be a girl’s best friend but guys, on the whole, are not impressed by bling as a gift. 85% responded to a recent survey saying they do not want to receive jewellery on Christmas morning.
Music – Music is so accessible these days that it just doesn’t wow as a gift anymore. With people downloading music on their phones whenever they want, 63% of men preferred that you don’t try to add to their music collection this festive season.

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Sportswear – A whopping 61% don’t want sporting goods, which is surprising as it seems like the perfect manly gift. It could be that guys prefer choosing their own sports gear for any sports that they play. Unless your fella is in dire need of something he asks for, this is one idea best avoided. You’re far better off treating him to Mens designer shirts from

Kitchenware – Most guys have no interest in receiving household goods, appliances or kitchenware for Christmas, even if they fancy themselves as a bit of a Master chef. This also goes for things for the home, such as shredders, printers or the latest George Foreman grill.

DVDs – You might think you’ve got his favourite genre nailed but be warned that 56% of men would not appreciate receiving a movie on Christmas morning. It could be that you’ve misjudged his taste, he already owns it or there’s a good reason he doesn’t already own it!

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Homemade crafty gifts – You might think this is the most romantic, adorable and heartfelt gift you could imagine, but it’s not likely to float his boat. More than half state that they wouldn’t want to be given something that you’d made. Although this is a great gift idea for the ladies in your family, as 68% of females say they would be thrilled to receive a thoughtful, homemade gift.